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Megafon-maaskva "Мегафон-маасква"

Hat's off to cellular provider Megafon-Moscow for a delightful viral marketing move. I'm usually wary of such things, but I had to share.

[phone rings, wakes up young man in bed. He looks for the ringing sound. Finds it underneath some handcuffs]

Boss [shouts] Where's the report?!

Young man: [makes sounds of radio interference into phone] sorry, I can't hear you I'm at the
doctor...[puts wineglass to mouth] subscriber is not available, outside of network area

narrator: because of people like him, some thing that Megafon has poor phone quality. don't believe them.

Young man: [sees woman in bed.] oh, hello

p.s. The most economical cellular rate plan- if you can still find it on the grey market-- is FIX. You pay 10 cents for the connection and talk as much as you like...until Megafon's server kicks you off automatically at the 32 minute point.

p.p.s. I found my FIX SIM card by yandexing on the RuNet. It was delivered to my home by a delightfully dissheveled and eccentric man in his late 40's. Over tea he talked about how he was being stalked by the secret services (they were bombarding his apartment with radiowaves and couldn't sleep at home. So, he slept on the street). Then, he asked me to call his sister in the US.

Снимаю шляпу перед "Мегафоном-маасква". Сделали ловкий ход по вирусовому маркетингу. Обычно таких вещей опасаю, но на сей раз сделал исключение...

p.s. самый экономный тариф по мааскве, "FIX" ("ФИКС"). Платишь 3 руб. за соединение и говори сколько хочешь. По истечении 32 минут сервер тебя автоматически выкидывает...

p.p.s. Я нашел свою симку на сером рынке, при помощи "Яндекса". Курьер в лице сороколетнего прекрасно неопрятного и странного мужчины доставил карту. За чаем он рассказывал о том, как спецслужбы его преследуют (радио-волны направленные ему не дают ему спать, ему приходится спать на улице), еще и попросил при нем звонить сестре в Штаты и с ней общаться...

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Dear President Putin

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At the UN, veto independence for Kosovo. Stand firm, stand tall. Ask Solzhenitsyn to visit Kosovo Pole next week as a gesture of solidarity with the Serbs, and then Ohrid as a gesture of solidarity with the Macedonians. Consider recognizing the Turkish Cyprus as punishment for Greece's mistreatment of its ethnic Macedonian minority.

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In the Russian parliament, form a special committee called the "Un-Russian Activities Committee" which would monitor the activities of foreign NGOs in Russia. Put them under oath and jail the perjurers! All committee members should be fluent in English and be evenly split between Russian patriots and those who are pro-American. When interviewing NGOs, question them in English. The purpose of this committee is to expose anti-Russian activities of the NGOs to their pro-American followers (useful idiots), to the Russian people and to the American people. Average Americans really do not want their country to destabilize Russia for the sole purpose of having hegemony over the world. A litmus test for these NGOs is to ask them about their activities regarding human rights for the Macedonians of Greece and Kurds of Turkey (both Nato members … hint … there are none).

Register these NGOs along with foreign newspaper owners under the " Agents of a Foreign Power Act. Have them print it prominently on their publications.

And finally, form an organization called the "Russian Council" using the "British Council " as a model. When you retire as president of Russia, be its first president. The Russian Council would promote Russian interests around the world. Start with the Orthodox Balkans and help them to resolve the schisms of their respective churches (Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro). Try to heal the split between the Orthodox and Catholic Slavs. Promote more unity between all the Slavic languages.

Don't be like Gorbachev, playing with himself in retirement and selling his influence to the highest bidder . You still have the ability to do something good for Russia and all Slavic-speaking peoples. Do it now!

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