воскресенье, ноября 20, 2005

ducks and the motherland * утки и родина

They'll only talk to you if you're bearing gifts. No bread, no banter.
С тобой только пообщаются, если пришел с "презентом". "Без крошок, друган, общаться не будем".

Тим Собакин


The frost had set in
a rather terrible one
and, my goodness, the water in the pond had frozen over!
and ducks waddled over the ice
...in a
hungry and angry mood

I approached them:
"Excuse me,
you have neither food nor shelter.
Why don't you fly
to warmer faraway climes?

answered the ducks,
"maybe we'll see pineapples there,
but there we'll die of sorrow
because our Motherland is this pond that has frozen over.

Fighting the growling of my belly
I thought
These are our ducks!
This is my Fatherland!"

And I went
stepping softly
even forgetting to put my shoe on.

And in the moonshine the road greeted me
And the star showed me the way.

Tim Sobakin
(Tim, I know it sounds better in the original. Hope you cut me some slack.)

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