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A foreigner's view of Moscow Взгляд иностранки на Мааскву

An entry on 25th September speaks of parks. My favourite park is VDNH, the "All Union Exhibition Centre", - a sort of Soviet Disneyland where you can watch locals at play. Behind the wonderfully incongruous "pavillions" of Soviet architecture selling modern hi-tech appliances is an oasis of tranquility with lake, woods, open spaces and wildlife. Photos of the park, pavillions and lake can be found in my book, A Foreigner's Guide to Moscow.

--Liz Barett

Фотографии Лиз Бэретт из ее фото-книги, A Foreigner's Guide to Moscow ("Путевовидеть иностранки по Москве").

VDNKh- is a sort of Soviet Disneyland
ВДНХ - своего рода советский Дизнейлэнд.

The metro...it is an artistic experience.
Метро - это полет души.

Despite the artwork, travelling is very tiring.
Несмотря на произведения искусства, от перемещения по городу устаешь.

Lenin's mausoleum on Red Square. Why the guards? To prevent his escape?
Мавзолей Ленина на Красной площади. А зачем постовые? Он, что, сбежать собирается?

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