пятница, сентября 30, 2005

post deleted

My goodness!
I put in about a 1/2 hour today in writing a post. And the server refused to post it. I lost all the work.

Instead of retelling the story, all I will say is that today's post was about:
  • Ludmila (I call her Lud, rhymes with "thud")
  • her jumbo dinosaur-size German-Asian shepherd Trevor
  • tranformation of consciousness
  • a painter from Seattle named Carol
  • the Dzhagannat vegetarian cafe
  • the cafe's nasty nasty seaweed belgian waffle-like items
  • a painting workshop
  • and a psychologist from Almaty who really models living in Open Space.
And all of this came up in one day!
Below is the painting I made devoted to Trevor's maturation, the transformation of his consciousness.

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